Classifications Of E-Cigarettes

Classification of Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes may be classified as APVs, regular sized and mid-sized. Each class has its own merits and demerits.

Regular sized e-cigarettes:

This kind of e-cigarettes are usually adored by the first time users or those users who used to smoke traditional cigarettes but are now making a first time switch to e-cigarettes. Regular sized e-cigarette models are also called minis and they look very similar to the traditional tobacco cigarettes. As a matter of fact one may not be able to differentiate between a regular sized e-cigarette and a traditional tobacco cigarette from a distance. Regular sized e-cigarettes have got thousands and thousands of brand names but the same model and parts from one brand will fit well with parts of another brand.

Minis or regular sized e-cigarettes are known as 1st generation e-cigarette models since they were invented before the other models. When they were first invented, these e-cigarette models had 3 components which are a rechargeable battery, an atomizer and a battery; all of which move e-cigarette reviews cover. However, the models have since changed and instead of the traditional 3 part system the contemporary models now have a 2 part system that comprises of a rechargeable battery and a cartomizer. The only difference is that a cartomizer merges the cartridge and the atomizer into one component. It is advisable to choose a regular sized e-cigarette that has a different color than a traditional tobacco cigarette. This is because people who are close to you might mistake you to be a tobacco smoker.

Some of the merits of a mini/ regular sized e-cigarette include (as seen in the V2 e cigs review):

  • Automatic as well as manual models available
  • Offers an easier way to begin e-cigarette smoking
  • Re-usable parts
  • Perfect for occasional as well as light smokers
  • Looks more or less like an ordinary tobacco cigarette.

The demerits of a regular sized e-cigarette include:

  • May not be satisfying for heavy smokers
  • Poor refilling can easily destroy the batteries
  • Most batteries can barely last for more than 2 hours

Mid-sized e-cigarettes

Mid sized e-cigarettes are very popular and highly rated because they tend to suit many vapers. Some of the common names for this type of e- cigarette include eGo, Tornado and kGo among others. Mid size- e cigarettes are almost as big as traditional cigars. They are second generation models with a larger rechargeable battery of no less than 650mAh. As a result, their batteries can last longer and they are also able to produce more vapor compared to minis. Indeed, the mid sized e-cigarette is the ultimate bench mark model meaning that the measurement and values of all other e- cigarettes are based on it since it is standardized in all respects. Save money on these e cigs by using things like the Green Smoke discount code – no reason not to save more money.

Some of the merits of a mid sized e-cigarette include the following:

  • Pretty affordable
  • Long lasting battery
  • Top rated as it suits most vapists than any other e-cigarette type.
  • Its performance is generally double that of a mini
  • Looks more or less similar to a cigar.

The demerits of a mid sized e-cigarette include:

  • They are more or less manual
  • Beginners may find them too large hence uncomfortable
  • Starters may find it a bit expensive.


“APVs” is short for “advanced personal vaporizers” or ‘mods’. These are e-cigarettes designed to provide satisfaction to customers who desire ultimate performance from an e-cigarette. This model deploys generic batteries that are user- replaceable. An APV can either be tubular shaped or box shaped. They could also be electronic, mechanical or basic electrical. An interesting thing about APVs is that newcomers do not love them because of their big size and peculiar look. Most APVs have long lasting 3.7 volts lithium batteries that are rechargeable. As a result of their large batteries they offer much better performance that the mid-size and mini e-cigarettes. They also have some outstanding features like digital readout and integral liquid feed.

The main merits of APVs include;

  • Base units that can last forever
  • Advanced functionalities that are particularly adorable by experienced e-smokers.
  • Solidly constructed as well batteries with long life hat can last even for days.
  • Highly reliable than any other kind of e-cigarette.
  • All APVs are manual based and this suits experienced smokers perfectly

The demerits of APVs include:

  • All the APV models are manual and that is a huge drawback for many new comers although it’s a great advantage for e-cigarette smokers that are highly experienced.
  • Can be quite expensive with base units that can cost up to USD 200.
  • A lot of care has to be taken in charging the lithium batteries since they are quite sensitive.

Modified E Cigs

Modified electronic cigarettes

E-cigs were commercially introduced like ten years ago, and brands like the green smoke e cig started appearing. As people continued to try using these gadgets as tobacco option, the more they grew in popularity. Today, the world of smoking has been taken by a storm taking away the smoking banners in majority of westernized countries. But moving beyond easy technical aspect of electronic smoking which is known also as vaping, e-cigarette, has opened new chapter in the modification world.

In the electronic cigarette world, there are two categories of mods; user and manufacturer modifications. The manufacturer modification is where an already existing product is made better and in user mod, the individual vapers makes self electronic cigarette monster. Both categories are purely valid and continue adding new strength to cultural lifestyle that is continually being accepted more by former smokers.

Listed below are samples of user and manufacturer mods electronic cigarettes.

Silver Bullet

This is manufacturer modification type. It is one of the greatest mod as it has replaced the standard e-cig turning it to a military gadget that is able to withstand any kind of punishment.  It is a metallic cigarette that utilizes a large group of batteries and combination of atomisers. This is a perfect cigarette for vapers who wish to combine their atomizers and batteries as per e-juice she/he likes. The Silver bullet has a beautiful craftsman style and it is also made of hard materials that make it difficult to break.

Cellophane Tape modification

This is perhaps the simplest modification you can make in order to increase your vapor density. This is important because that vapor smoke is what takes nicotine into the throat. So if there is no enough cloud, then you may be dwindling nicotine and thus consuming more money. Most of the juices are made of propylene glycol as the chief liquid instead of vegetable glycerine,

By placing the cellophane tape on your air absorption holes, it automatically increases the vapor cloud density. The tape should be placed over all intake holes at the beginning, and then you can use pin for opening a hole at a time and testing the cloud in every one. Many people love having either 1 or 2 holes open. Most people like having only 1 or 2.

The Screwdriver

It is another favorite commercial mod that is known. It is a kind of electronic cigarette that has taken the current technology and lengthened it to greater performance. The biggest advantage of using the Screwdriver is long battery life. This is because where an average e-cigarette operates with batteries that are grouped at one hundred and thirty mAh, Screwdriver uses batteries classified at 900 mAh. This is the big difference between replacing your batteries after every one or two hours and having that single battery which will last you a whole day.

Bottom Feeder

This is another excellent modification which started under user category although it has gone commercial. Bottom feeder mod is made for serious vapers who don’t mind what their personal vaporizer gadget looks like. The device is made of a mouthpiece and a little plastic or wooden box. In the box, there is a small e-juice bottle and a battery. In the box there is an atomizer with 3ml e-juice bottle, battery and some tubing.  This atomizer which is placed in the mouthpiece can be changed very easily.

Bottom feeder mod is made awesome by the truth that it has a long-lasting battery which can last you up to 2 days. Also you can refill cartridges by directly drawing the juice in the bottle.  Finally there is prime button that helps in wetting dry atomizer giving you a complete vapor experience with no risk of atty flooding. Once you grab a bottom feeder device, then you are all day set to go.

Pen Light Modification

This is a mod that allows the user to make own e-cig almost from nothing. It only requires RCA connector, standard cartomisers, pen-light torch and batteries. Most types of pen light modifications uses 801 cartomisers that seem to operate well. To make this kind of mod, you only need to take away pen light guts, set up the connector, drop in the batteries and then twist pen light cover and back on. To make this type modification, you simply need to remove pen light guts, put the connector then drop the batteries. After that, you can screw the cartomiser in the connector device and you are set to vape.